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Sweet and mouth-watering, what else could you desire?

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

I’ve been having a strange, overwhelming craving for rhubarb recently. Maybe it has something to do with spring in Australia, or maybe I simply haven’t met my quota for it in the last 12 months. Whatever the reason, when I saw that it was in season again at the fruit market, I veritably pounced upon… Read more

Nanaimo Bars Extraordinaire

Nanaimo Bars Extraordinaire

Nanaimo bars are a true Canadian delicacy. Smooth chocolate, simple vanilla, and a coconut walnut base make for a dessert that is completely sinful—but too good to turn down! Nanaimo bars originated in Western Canada, and can now be found across the country in cold winter months when that little bit of chocolate is simply… Read more