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Un amuse bouche — with our appealing appetizers.

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

I know, it seems a bit silly to be posting a turkey recipe after Canadian Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? My apologies to my fellow Canucks; this year I spent Thanksgiving itself at work (blame Australia!), and the lead-up to Thanksgiving in Fiji (blame no one, it was awesome). And, our recent celebration of Christmas in July… Read more

Caramelized Onion Dip

Caramelized Onion Dip

This recipe should probably come with a giant, “Warning: You will eat all of this in one sitting!” sign. So before I start gushing about this amazing dip, consider yourself warned. Then again, the warning sign kind of says it all, right? This dip is to die for. Creamy and onion-y, savoury with just that… Read more

Beet Green Spanakopita

Happy 2011, everyone! I can’t believe we’re already in a new year. What’s more is that in less than a week, the Three Cheeses will be 1 year old! There will definitely be something special up on the blog to celebrate. In the meantime, satisfy your hunger cravings with this delicious beet green spanakopita recipe!… Read more

The Best Yam Fries Dip

You may have noticed my recent post about homemade baked yam fries, and in it you will have noticed that I promised to share my yam fries dip recipe as well. Ironically, I perfected this recipe before I perfected the fries themselves—I do so love my dips and sauces! After much fiddling, I have created… Read more

The Perfect Yam Fries

Okay. Deep breath. It’s taken years (I kid you not, years) of making mediocre, semi-mediocre, decent, alright, good, better, great yam fries to get to the point of perfect yam fries. Every time. This is one yam fries recipe you can depend upon, day in and day out. They’re baked, so they’re super easy to… Read more