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The Sunday Afternoon Pizza Experiment

I’ve struggled to find a pizza dough recipe that’s both delicious and fairly easy to prepare. The absolute best pizza dough recipe I’ve tried comes via 101 cookbooks. However, this recipe (initially written for bakers I presume) requires two days to work the “delayed fermentation” methodย  and you end up with more pizza dough than… Read more

A-maize-ing Corn Bread

My photographer friend, Brandon, says that the best way to photograph food is by a window–in the daytime. Unfortunately, the only time I have to cook these days is the nighttime, after work and in a hurry. As a result, I don’t have any nice photographs to show you of my cornbread muffins because they’re… Read more

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Cake

Darryl and I are spending our Sunday indoors. The rain has swept through Vancouver again after an unseasonably warm January, and reignited our hunger for decadent comfort food. While Darryl planned our dinner of beef short ribs and mashed potato this morning, I hunted down a dessert recipe that looked equally rich and indulgent to… Read more

The Sisterhood of Pumpkin Pie

The Three Cheeses in Vancouver, BC, Canada The night before Joni left for Australia, the three of us got together to bid her farewell over a recipe for pumpkin pie. Others might have taken her out for dinner, or to see the lights of Vancouver one last time, but we bought a roasting pumpkin and… Read more