Jamie Oliver recipe round-up!

Jamie Oliver recipe round-up!

I have wanted to do this post for quite some time now. I’m not alone in my love for Jamie Oliver’s cooking, and I have to say that I’ve watched and re-watched his Ministry of Food TV series and 30 Minute Meals series over and over. And, there’s quite a few recipes on this blog that are Jamie O-inspired.

I say inspired, because I very rarely actually cook recipes exactly how they’ve been laid out in a cookbook (or if I do, I don’t share them here because they’re not my own original recipes… some baking & technical stuff excepted). Like Jamie, I love to use fresh and “from scratch” methods, but UNlike Jamie, I can’t afford every single beautiful ingredient, or I simply cannot be bothered to get something specific when I can substitute or do without.

I also want to do a shout-out to friend and fellow food blogger, Lorina, who actually cooked her way through Jamie at Home in 365 days. She’s so brave! Check out her blog My Year With Jamie Oliver here.

Okay! On with the recipes!


Jamie O-inspired recipes on The Three Cheeses

Spinach cheese tart: Only ever make this recipe when you have a few people around who don’t mind chowing down high-fat goodies. Otherwise you’ll eat it all yourself and regret it afterwards!
how to steam rice
How to make steamed rice: Beautiful steamed rice, just like in the restaurants, without a rice cooker! Totally revolutionized the way I make rice, and it’s super easy.


cheesy cauliflower soup
Cheese and cauliflower soup: Roommate-who-dislikes-soup approved. Cheese and wholesome goodness, this is a win in any household.
Spaghetti and meatballs: The first meatballs recipe I tried that actually worked and held together. Seriously, I was 22 and had never had meatballs hold together properly. Plus the sauce is beautiful and basil-licious (yes, that’s a thing).
Steak sandwich: A great, easy, and affordable dinner that will impress and satisfy without a lot of work! Buy one big steak that feeds four people… it’s a no-brainer!
Carrot, apple, and mint salad: A few different flavours that really compliment each other well. A great side dish when you’re looking for something a bit different.
Beer stovies: Stick-to-your-bones winter deliciousness. Also an interesting use of celery leaves, which I just hate throwing out! Definitely a new and interesting way to do potatoes (for this ol’ Canadian anyway).
Chicken fajitas: Another no-fail, really easy and pretty quick weeknight dinner idea. (Jamie’s pretty fantastic at those; I love that such an accomplished chef has made cooking from scratch so accessible.) I actually grew up really disliking capsicum/peppers, but this recipe has me chopping up a few quite happily (and also got a, “I don’t know what you’re cooking in there but it’s AWESOME” from one of those hard-to-please roommates!).


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