The Kicking Kiwi Cocktail

Every western Canadian knows of the Cactus Club—which like its competitors, is known for good food, delicious drinks, and incredibly good looking servers. Whether you’re out for dinner or on a hot date or biding time before you can dance the night away, I’m sure we’ve all had a good night that somehow involved the Cactus Club.

Inspired by their popular “Brazilian” cocktail, this is a wonderful blend of kiwi, rum, lime, and a little hint of melon. It’s refreshing on a hot summer night or a wonderful reminder of warmer times on a cold Vancouver or Sydney weekend, and is of course best imbibed with friends.

We recently had our dear friend Ramsay visit us in Sydney, who brought along his friend Billy from Canada. Billy (who definitely fits that category of ‘incredibly good looking’) is a server & bar tender at Cactus Club himself. It was a great visit, topped off by Billy making these cocktails for us! We didn’t quite have all the snazzy equipment and ingredients for an exact replica, but you’re more likely to have these normal ingredients on hand anyway. So thank you Billy, and Ramsay for knowing him. You’re always welcome in our house! <3

On with the show…

The Brazilian Cocktail


  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 shot rum (or vodka)
  • 1 shot Midori melon
  • 2 dashes lime juice (or 1/4 fresh lime)
  • 3-4 shots lemon/lime flavoured soft drink
  • ice

Peel kiwi and muddleย  in a cup (‘muddling’ means mashing up so there are no large chunks left). Add alcohol, lime, and soft drink. Shake with ice in two cups (not martini shaker), then pour into a fresh glass for serving.


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