When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons…

Truly, when life gives you lemons, take as many as you can and find as many lemon recipes as you can and enjoy the benefits. It’s not quite the season for lemonade here in Australia, but you’ll soon be seeing many recipes with lots of lemon in them. Why? I’m glad you asked.

A few weeks ago now, my partner Luke and I were up in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales enjoying some wine tasting and holidaying. We must have gone to half a dozen wineries, and oh, what a beautiful area! Though I’m apt to think any area that grows wine is beautiful. Anyway—just outside of our hotel room were these two long lines of lemon trees, heavy and fruitful and overflowing with lemons. I grabbed one or two as we walked back to our room from dinner, and slicing them open, found perfectly ripe, seedless lemons, and knew what must be done right then and there.

Suffice it to say, the next morning before checking out I availed myself quite fruitfully upon those lemon trees, and collected a good bounty of a dozen and a half (or so) of lemons. It was clear they weren’t being harvested or going to any kind of use—there were so many ripe ones on the ground half-scratched by birds or possums that clearly no one from the hotel’s kitchen had been picking them ripe. Really, I was just doing a good thing so the lemons didn’t go to waste! So, free lemons whose origins I knew and were clearly organic? I was on it.

Lemons last pretty well in a fridge, but not forever. Since getting back from the Hunter Valley, I’ve been chucking fresh lemon into just about every recipe I can find. The homemade ricotta was made with fresh lemon, and you’ll see many more recipes soon that feature lemons quite prominently! Everything from quick lemon desserts, lemon poppy seed cake, and depending how desperate I get, how to preserve lemons.

Shout-out to my old poetry class & Landis Everson’s poem, “The Lemon Tree.” I was thinking of you!

Lemon recipes:

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