I Heart Pimm’s


I was introduced to Pimm’s in the summer of ’09 by my boyfriend, Luke. I’ve been hooked ever since. Pimm’s is a traditionally British drink, their alcoholic answer to Americanized iced tea–I say so because a Pimm’s drink tastes exactly like a long island iced tea mixed with a mojito (delicious!). On a hot summer’s day, nothing satisfies quite like a pitcher of Pimm’s with some friends and a plate of nachos at your favourite pub.

Just a warning, however–Pimm’s is hard to find in British Columbia. I looked for it over and over at my local BC liquor store as they only order it in once in a while. You might have more luck with smaller, more specialty stores who can cater to their customers a bit more carefully. I last bought Pimm’s in Canada at the Brewery Creek Liquor Store at Main St. & 14th Ave., so if you live in the Mt. Pleasant part of Vancouver, you’re in luck! Aussies, no worries–Pimm’s is as close as your nearest Dan Murphy’s.

I Heart Pimm’s!

pure, unadulterated Pimm's
pure, unadulterated Pimm's


  • 1 shot Pimm’s
  • splash Vodka or Gin
  • lemonade* to fill glass
  • ice
  • cucumber slices
  • lemon wedges
  • lime wedges
  • fresh mint

Pimm’s can either be made in a single glass, or pitcher. If making a pitcher, just adjust proportions accordingly (because obviously one shot isn’t going to do the whole thing!).

Pour Pimm’s into glass, add a few leaves of fresh mint and muddle together (use a spoon and crush the mint into the Pimm’s so that the flavours are released). Squeeze in a wedge or two of lemon and lime, add a few slices of cucumber, ice, and then fill with pop. You could also use tonic water or soda water, but I like the extra bit of citrus that sparkling lemonade* provides.

* Fun fact: Australians call drinks like Sprite or 7UP “lemonade”. I’ve come to like this term, because it’s now possible to refer to Sprite or 7UP without having to use a brand name. It gets a bit fuzzy when you’re talking about freshly squeezed lemonade, but it’s nice to not have to pay homage to Pepsi or Coke every time you order a fizzy drink.

a pimm's drink

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